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On this site we present publications, Internet-presentations and homepages of our members. The shown links reference to Internet pages which are containing content that is of interest for our collecting interests. Simply click the coloured text to open one of the described pages. Beside the philatelic topics the linked pages may contain content with any other topics too. The links to the web-sites of third parties presented on our pages are a service offer. We are not responsible for the contents of the linked web-sites. Therefore we can not guarantee for any content of these sites. The provider of any web-site is responsible for the content. The following list is sorted by the names of the members. Surely the list is not complete. Please send your suggestions to add more entries to the FGI management board. You may use the contact form for this purpose.

Birken, Dr. Andreas (†): Life and Works
You can find out about the life and work of a committed philatelist (1942-2019) on his Homepage.
Bornmann, Johannes: Nepal
On the platform of the BDPh for the publishing of exhibits Johannes Bornmann shows a 6 frame collection Nepal, Classic Stationery (1887-1959)
On his own homepage Johannes Bornmann presents Nepal as well as the Nepal Philately.
Dave, Markand (FRSPL): India
Books published:
Dave & Sons: Market Guide 2013, 1852 - 2012. For details see the Flyer (in FGI-BIB).
Dave, Dipak, Priti and Markand: The 1929 Airmail Stamps of India, A Glimpse of six Stamps. A Study of over 200+ Errors. Take a look into the book (in FGI-BIB).
Fuchs, Rainer: Tibet & Nepal
On the BDPh platform for the publishing of exhibits Rainer Fuchs shows a 8 frame Tibet collection.
An older version of this collection can be seen here.
And if you want to explore the complete philatelic world of Rainer Fuchs you should call the Homepage of Rainer Fuchs. Here you will find many topics including detailed information on Tibet and Nepal.
Großmann, Volker: British-India, Railway Post
On the BDPh platform for the publishing of exhibits Volker Grossmann shows a 7 frame collection The Railway postmarks of British India 1860-1890
On the platform Phila-Handbook Volker Grossmann has published his Handbook The British-Indian Railway postmarks.
Isani, Dr. Usman Ali: Pakistan
Books published:
Stamps of Pakistan (Decimal Currency Surcharges), 1981 (in FGI-BIB).
Doubleday / Isani: Overprints on Indian Stamps and Postal Stationery 1947-1949, 1993 (in FGI-BIB).
Isani / S. A. Hussain: The Amirate of Bahawalpur Postal History & Stamps (1932-1949), 2006 (in FGI-BIB).
Pakistan Overprints on Service Postcards of Br. India with Forms used by North Western Railways, Part 1 + Part 2, 2015. The table of contents (in FGI-BIB).
Jacobs, Dietmar: India
On his Homepage Dietmar Jacobs shows wantlists of the stamps he is looking for and tells about his journeys to India.
Jain, Pradip: British-India, airmail
Books published:
Indian Airmails Development and Operations 1911 - 1942. For details see the flyer (in FGI-BIB).
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Issues of 1948. 117 pages DIN A4. For a source of supply see Indien-Report No. 111, p. 7
Jaiswal, Deepak: India and States Auction
On the Homepage of our member Deepak Jaiswal many rarities are offered. We kindly ask you for your attention.
Khaitan, Piyush: Air India Aerophilately
The Internet-Presentation of Piyush Khaitan discusses the Indian Aerophilately with particular consideration of the Air India airline. The topics encompass the presentation of official documents, bibliography, an exhibition object and much more. Additionally you will find several more sites with collections about Air India.
Preuss, Peter C.: Siam
Peter C. Preuss shows at the Internet his collection SIAM. This exhibit won a gold medal in Washington 2006.
Pütz, Franz-Josef: Afghanistan
Beneath several publications in philatelic journals Franz-Josef Puetz has published theFGI-Forschungsbericht Nr. 5: 100 Jahre Deutsche in Afghanistan - von Politik, Arbeit und Abenteuern, 2015 (in FGI-BIB)..
Röver, Peter: Indian States
Beneath a lot of articles about Indian States (especially in India Post and Indien-Report) Peter Roever has published:
FGI-Forschungsbericht Nr. 2: Indische Staaten, Las Bela, 1973 (in FGI-BIB)
FGI-Forschungsbericht Nr. 3: Indische Staaten, 1. Bahawalpur, 2. Die Staaten von Malwar: Dhar, 1975 (in FGI-BIB)
Dungarpur, Briefmarken und Postgeschichte eines indischen Staates, 1988 (in FGI-BIB)
Scherer, Dr. Eric: French-India
The exhibition object from Eric Scherer with the title "Letters from Pondichérry - Postal History of French-India" can be seen on the BDPh-platform.
Wrede, Joachim: Pakistan postal stationery
On his homepage Joachim Wrede offers an web-based catalogue The Pakistan Postal Stationery, usable with PC, tablet and smartphone.
Zierock, Harald
Southern Asia
Harald Zierock is the president of the French society Club philatélique et cartophile de Truchtersheim and additionally maintains the homepage of the club. Due to his collecting fields you can find many topics related to the countries we are interested in.
Typing in search words (e.g. country names) into the search-field at the left of the homepage's starting screen will lead you to a number of interesting items.

This homepage is maintained by volunteers of the FGI. Over the years the following members have invested their time to maintain the web-site:
Hans Heppner, Christian Sperber, Joachim Wrede. For suggestions, corrections and criticism please contact:

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