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Forschungsgemeinschaft Indien und Südasien e. V.
The German study circle for the postal history and philately of
the Indian Subcontinent / Southern Asia



Annual general meeting:

On the annual general meeting the society's formal affairs are dealt with. Beside this the meeting taking place in variant cities is the platform to discuss philatelic questions, to present collecting results, to gain new experiences and finally the place to become acquainted with other collectors (including their spouses and / or friends).
Information regarding the next annual general meeting are shown in the section “news”.


The society's journal Indien-Report is published twice or three times a year. The articles in the Indien-Report deal with very special questions as well as the presentation of interesting philatelic items and reach to the publishing of specialized catalogues. The printing is partly done with coloured pictures.
The costs of delivering the Indien-Report are included in the membership fee.


The members get the FGI-Info at intervals of a few weeks. This information sent as e-mail delivers actual news to our members. We inform you about all aspects from A (auction dates) to Z (zip code change in a member's address). Even your advertisement may be published here:
Send your text for a small advertisement (will be published as a text within the FGI-Info) or a leaflet designed by yourself (e. g. a Word-text, will be sent as a PDF-attachment with the FGI-Info) to the editor of the FGI-Info (

Internal auction:

Normally once a year philatelic material covering our collecting interests is offered on an internal auction exclusively for our members.


A comprehensive library containing literature on the philately and culture of the countries of the Indian Subcontinent is available as a service for the members.

Literature sale:

The publications issued by the FGI are available for sale.

New issues service:

The stamps of many countries of our collecting interests can be bought at moderate costs from the FGI using the new issues service.

Society logo

The logo of the society shows a map „Indian Sub-continent“ or „South-Asia“ with the countries of our collecting interests. If you want to use the logo e. g. for the design of your collection you are invited to do so. We ask you to use the logo only in terms of the FGI and the associated philatelic interests. We here offer you the logo in three versions for usage.
Colour picture PNG-format
Greyscale picture PNG-format
Icon in ICO-format without background
Icon in ICO-format with white background
(with the icons you e. g. you may design a link to the FGI homepage on your PC)

This homepage is maintained by volunteers of the FGI. Over the years the following members have invested their time to maintain the web-site:
Hans Heppner , Christian Sperber
Joachim Wrede
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